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... the hairy ones. He hated walking for this very reason, instead, he preferred toEntry ID: 448
Author: Sarah
Date & Time: Fri, 29th Sep 06 @5:50pm
get around in his low-ride, pimped-up gopod. That was how he liked to roll with his homies, drinking a forty of pimp juice and scoring with some sweet bootyEntry ID: 449
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Sat, 30th Sep 06 @2:30pm
. The oversized spoiler, 50 inch bass speakers and modified body of his gopod made the machine very heavy , subsequently straining his modest warp drive, whichEntry ID: 450
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Wed, 4th Oct 06 @10:59am
in turn exploded, showering a near by herd of cows with small bits ofEntry ID: 451
Author: An Electric Jesus
Date & Time: Tue, 10th Oct 06 @2:04pm
radioactive morris dancers and latex bondage suits. Obviously not all real ale drinkers conform to this stereotype but in this case it was uncannily accurateEntry ID: 452
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Wed, 25th Oct 06 @8:33pm
. Shabba, the local locksmith, often donned such apparel in order to excite his arch nemesis -Entry ID: 453
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Nov 06 @1:41pm
SamaEntry ID: 454
Author: Ashish
Date & Time: Thu, 23rd Nov 06 @7:22am
Snake Eyes, who was reputedly the worst scrabble player in all the northern territories. This impacted very little upon his social life becauseEntry ID: 455
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Fri, 1st Dec 06 @6:36pm
he had recently lost his arms and legs in a freak yaughting accident and was thus, not overly predominant on the local boardgame scene. He often wondered if whyEntry ID: 456
Author: neverclear5
Date & Time: Sun, 3rd Dec 06 @4:00pm
bird lived on after her kids tv appearances, or if she was moved to some kind of zoo, or lived a free-lance life as some kind of half-derrangedEntry ID: 457
Author: An Electric Jesus
Date & Time: Mon, 4th Dec 06 @12:47am
scouser parrot, circling Albert Docks in search of a someone she couldEntry ID: 458
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Mon, 4th Dec 06 @10:33am

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