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... my laser gun from stun to kill, and let them have it with both barrels. They dropped faster than a tarts knickers and IEntry ID: 169
Author: Clur
Date & Time: Fri, 17th Feb 06 @8:14pm
took pleasure in scalping the little blighters. After my adventures in space I travelled back home to the planet earth, and sought comfort inEntry ID: 170
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Mon, 20th Feb 06 @9:18am
ASDA. My clothes had become strangely scratchy in space and needed a good hot wash with some fabric softener. This done, I felt able to faceEntry ID: 171
Author: Clur
Date & Time: Tue, 21st Feb 06 @1:25pm
upside down and practise my new kung fu move, the death spin. The moves are similar to that of the locomotion by Kylie but the results can causeEntry ID: 172
Author: Helsbels
Date & Time: Tue, 21st Feb 06 @2:52pm
excessive chafing around the thighs if your lycra bodysuit does not fit like a glove. This was all bye the bye as I had in fact given such activities up toEntry ID: 173
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Tue, 21st Feb 06 @3:58pm
pursue my career in espionage. When going incognito, I like to don a gingerEntry ID: 174
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Tue, 21st Feb 06 @10:21pm
nut perched on top of a strawberry blonde wig. The disguise worked well until the biscuit fell off mid operation, resulting inEntry ID: 176
Author: MiracleMaxx
Date & Time: Wed, 22nd Feb 06 @12:53pm
a trail of crumbs which allowed Hansel and Gretel to return safely to their home at the edge of the woods. I had never trusted small children in lederhosen soEntry ID: 177
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Fri, 24th Feb 06 @2:00pm
I locked them in the cupboard under the stairs. Childline don't like it, but sometimes, mother does know best. After 6 daysEntry ID: 178
Author: Clur
Date & Time: Fri, 24th Feb 06 @10:45pm
I fed them all a wholesome bowl of gruel flavoured with essence of shrew. I had gained quite a reputation in the village for my eccentricity, butEntry ID: 179
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Sat, 25th Feb 06 @7:16pm

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