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... toward the trap door leading to his cellar. "They're down there mate. Careful though, one of them nearly bit my arm off the other day". I began to walk toward the hatch whenEntry ID: 152
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Fri, 10th Feb 06 @4:56pm
the trap door slowly creaked open. I froze instantly and could not believe my eyes. A big blue plasticine creature crawled out from dark. "Berk's the name"Entry ID: 153
Author: MiracleMaxx
Date & Time: Fri, 10th Feb 06 @5:37pm
. The blue plasticine creature brought back my childhood memories. I ate so much that I gotEntry ID: 154
Author: Dodgywheel
Date & Time: Sat, 11th Feb 06 @12:00am
such a belly ache, I really shouldn't gorge myself like that! But I do fancy some yummy scrummyEntry ID: 155
Author: Sarah
Date & Time: Sun, 12th Feb 06 @9:15pm
Coco pops. Your milky milky coco pops. But what I really like in the morning is an incy wincy teeny weenyEntry ID: 156
Author: Nic
Date & Time: Sun, 12th Feb 06 @9:57pm
yellow polka dot bikini. Any biography of Timmy Mallet wouldn't be complete without explaining the most traumatic event in his life - the time when heEntry ID: 157
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Mon, 13th Feb 06 @9:16am
was inexplicably inaugurated as Pope Timmy the 1st having wowed the College of Cardinals with a spectacular display of naked hangliding over the Vatican. ThisEntry ID: 158
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Mon, 13th Feb 06 @6:18pm
pleased the cardinals so much, and they burst into song "Blue moooon" suddenly the pope appearedEntry ID: 159
Author: Dodgywheel
Date & Time: Tue, 14th Feb 06 @7:29pm
and said, "no good asking the gurner, he has the artisitic inclinations of a constipated walrus"Entry ID: 160
Author: Mr.Black
Date & Time: Tue, 14th Feb 06 @8:41pm
. The gurner didn't take kindly to such an attack, prompting him to pull a face at said person. Reeling back in shock, the hideous face causedEntry ID: 161
Author: MiracleMaxx
Date & Time: Tue, 14th Feb 06 @11:09pm
a commotion amongst the expectant crowd. Jethro, however, remained steadfast - he knew this was his moment. He charged at the gurner with his pitchforkEntry ID: 162
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Wed, 15th Feb 06 @8:46am

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